Finally! Cutting Mastery is finished.

Yesterday I had a very important doctor’s appointment, and because I’m a veteran I had to get a pass to go on base. Once I found the building to get my pass I walked in and noticed a familiar face. I didn’t know her name, but I remembered her face.

We had several encounters at the Air Force base when I was in. It’s safe to say we “tolerated” each other…lol. We didn’t always see eye to eye.


There were quite a few people in the office. She asked for my name again and as soon as she found it, she looked up at me and said…

“You’ve gotten f…. Uhh, you’ve put on some weight!” She barely got the FAT word out of her mouth, but it was enough for people to stop what they were doing turn a look at me then back at her.I can tend to have somewhat of a smart mouth, so I took a deep breath, smiled and said… “Yes. I have gained some weight. Happens to the best of us!”

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